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sup nIGGAZZZ! hahah im soo hyper rite now..gettin ready for homecomin to day! WOOHOO~~!!!yeabut anyways wow two entries in ONE week...accomplishment for bonnie!! hell ya!! ok so the past week has been very long even though it was like a 3 day went by very very slowly!! so friday got my nails done after school..then chuck and tammy picked me up and we chilled at the mall...soo many people there...i bought a smoothie!! mmm...and went to cvs and bought makeup remover for today...yea so..couple more hours til i get my hair done...i gotta blow dry it..and i really want jane to do my makeup..but since shes grounded she cant go anywhere =( and my mom wont take me...shes got no time..=(...yea oh yea janey showed me mcleans homecoming pictures yesterday..well just one..i look soo baddd!! ugh...I BE CHEESIN ALL HARD AND SHIT! damnn i look gay! hahah aite im out..pc niggaz.holla!!
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