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[20 Sep 2004|07:42pm]
the viewing was unbearable

r.i.p ej<3333
keep looking down upon us, we love you
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[16 Sep 2004|10:38pm]
i miss you ej <333
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[12 Nov 2003|08:56pm]
boring school..psych did this conditioning was funny haha water bottle and spraying it at someones face evertime you hear the word "can" lol its so funny! felice and chris winchester did it from my was SOO FUNNY! i like cracked up..

alg2 mr.hubbard seperated me and amanda..YOU FAT OLD FEEEEN! it was so lonely I HATE ALG2!!! it sucksss

spanish got a freakin 69 on STUPID VOCAB QUIZ! grrrr i hate ittt..learning commands and crap..and took SOOO MANY GAY NOTES! godd i hate spanish!

after school hung out with MY GIRLS!!! I LOVE YOU ALLL!!! we like sat in the senior hall for like an hour..being crazy and stupidd..WILLPOWER!! MEMBERS ONLY! HAHAHAH WMWMWMWMW! then me jannay and pongo went back to jannays house and ATE LIKE PIGGSSSS!! had our girl talk..I LOVE YOU GUYSS!! xoxox WILLPOWER GOIN TO THE BEACH BABY!! OC!! then brent picked us up and went home..he drove the PIMP VAN!!!!!
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[08 Nov 2003|02:56pm]
B You are always cautious when it comes to meeting new people.
O You are very open-minded.
N You like to work, but you always want a break.
N You like to work, but you always want a break.
I You are always smiling & making others smile.
E You are a very exciting person.

I dont think B and N are i hate a lazy fat ass..
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[01 Nov 2003|03:35pm]
::hug:: Oh my God, isn't Ryan like totally fine?!
Oh sure, Summer is a tough chick who knows
exactally what she wants...we think...but below
the surface of this raging beast beats the true
heart of a great friend.

Which character from The OC are you?
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of course the slutty onee..I WANNA BE MARISSA!!! haha
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[24 Sep 2003|10:31pm]
i hate my life..i hate sucha em' and weep cuz its not a good friend and i dont see how people can deal with me
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SGRSLRGJKRGRR!!!! [03 Sep 2003|08:07pm]
goddd 2nd day of school and i get projects and test!! STRESSIN SOO SOONN! how could this happen!! ahhh and im in sucha bitchy mood for no not even on my period..WHAT IS UP!?!?!?!? blahhhh back to the shitload of work i have to do!!
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well first day... [02 Sep 2003|07:35pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

jacked from alison!!!

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ok yea first day of school suxs in general..if you read julies journal..THE SAME EXACT THING HAPPENED TO ME!!! coulndt sleep went to sleep at like 9:30ish and woke up at like 12 COULDNT SLEEP!!! and set my alarm for like 5:25 dad woke me up at like 5:40 "WHAT ARE YOU DOIN" "YOUR ALARM WENT OFF AND YOU TURNED IT OFF" haha i wa slike did?!?! ARE YOU SUREE?!?! mann SOO FREAKY! i like dont even rememebr me doin!?! am i hallucinating! haha oh well

first period psychology..soo tited mr.young hahah hes soo cool. no one in my class really so that was sorta bad kinda wanna switch but whatever, 3rd pd fashion marketing..soo many people this year but no one can replace the fashion 2 class!! WHOOOHOOOO!! haha so we have to share like half the room with mr.hubbbards alg2 class which i also have that day but yea so its like half room and its SOO FULL!!!

5th alg2 SOOO BORING!! mr.hubbard that fat old man!!! suxs asssss dudee...too and greg were like talkin the whole time and some new kid that sits infront of us..keeps tappin his STUPID FINGERS ON THE TABLE! were like WTFFFF!!! gahhhh..that class is gonna suckk my butt hole!

7th spanish3...omgggg senora o'connor IS SCARY AS SHIITT! oh mann..but people say shes just like the first day..but man what a uptight neat freak weirdooo!! hahaha i hope shes good but i can just picture myself failing spanish this year..greattt i want an easy teacherrr oh well suck it up bonnie! haha yea that day wasnt THAT great but whatever..schools not great in general..

HOMEROOM WITH JANNAYYYY! only class together =( NOT EVEN LUNCH!! BOOOO! whats up with that!!! haha laterr
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[01 Sep 2003|08:17pm]
first day tomoorrw....wtff??? sounds soo!?!

happy i spent the last day of summer with some good friendss!!!! haha good timess xoxo i love you all!!

<3bonnie "boner"
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[31 Aug 2003|08:49pm]
[ mood | blank ]


good weekend sortaa...

slept over at tammys 2 days in a row..hahah rarely happens that way..went friday..saw her glamour pics from indonesia SOOO PRETTYYYY!! and we just hung out and chill haha had some funnn that night with screwdriversss hahah

saturday rolled aroundd, DIDNT DO ANYTHINGGG lazzyyy bummsssss like we areee jeez hahah ATE AND GOT SOO FAT!! watched grease, i miss that moviee SOO CUTEEE and just hung outt had our own partyyy drinkss and all!! LOL!! toast, last weeked of summerrrr yuppp

soo tired this mornin..woke up all early for church, lookd like crapp haha too tired BAGSSS face mask wasnt ready =( but yeaa after church went to POTOMAC MILLS!! finallly shoppinggg actually bought stuff this time, knee high boots, skirt, bag, halter top, and UNDERWEAR!! but no, NO JEANS!! which was the main reason why i went, im like so disporportional and fat no jeans fit me..i cant find ANTYHIHGG! AHHHHH!! im gonna dieee,

cant belive schools starting, hasnt realy hit me yet, but im MADDD last day tomorrw, hanging out with my BUDDIESSSS YAYY!! its gonna be sooo funnn spending the lats day with them i love you alll!! <3333333333

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dooobeedooobeeedoooo [29 Aug 2003|03:33pm]
it didnt work for me last time so..

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wtfffffffffffffSKJGSKJDGKS:DGJ [28 Aug 2003|09:10pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

pretty chill today i guess..

woke up early..took PSAT's scored soo badd 940..wtff!! THAT SUCKSSSS my goal is like 1300 hahah i wish..oh well its not like im smart anyway..our teacher was like a trans...SUPER SUPER SUPER tall black lady..we were like aw she looks nice and she spoke and it s like SOOO LOW...i was like WTF! i think all of us were scared..her voice just got annoyin dudeee...ewww

after went to eat lunch..and drop by jenns for her get 100 bucks if you turn in a school directory that they dont have..i was like damnn niceee easy cashhh...

ate a chipotle..pretty good..very biggg didnt finish..mann soo full and fattt yuckkkk

fall kickoff was today..THOUGHT my tutor was comin again..but no MOM SAID HE CANCELLED! so when do i found out..of course at like 7 when hes supposed to come..thats gay man..i hate that ughhh...i should kno whats goin on with my SCHEDULE THANK YOU!..well didnt go cuz i didnt feel like it, its gettin pretty gay now..i guess since im older i dont have an interest in school..well then again i never did..oh well

VMA'S TONITE!!! watched the preshow and the beginnin..but my dads gay and wants to watch all his we need cable desperately hooked up on our other hasnt been hooked up yet..WE NEED IT!! he interrupts MY TV!! damnnn

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[27 Aug 2003|11:27pm]
[ mood | angry ]

well had a pretty good but ended on a bad noteee..

well woke up all early at 7!! can you believe thattt yea so defnitly went back to sleep woke up at 1..made plans to go bowling and go to hooters..but i couldnt go to hooters cuz my MOM! told me my tutor was coming THIS MORNING! i got soo pissed..cuz she KNEW i was goin out..and yet planned for my tutor to come..but whatever..

brent picked up me jane jenn and paull..went to amf i think and bowled two gamess haha soo funny..the namess and then travis came and we bowled another..reallyf un..good times good then had to go home =( didnt want to..felt like there was gonna be a tornado up in here man..but yeaa crazyt imes..spic music and country..haha paul hittin on people soo funny! i luv you guys soo muchh..they brighten my day! haha

came home..tutor was supposed to come at 7..but came at 8!! SOO PISSEDDD mann..but i guess i should be thankful that i actually have a tutor..and not take it for grantedd..thank you goddd..

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[26 Aug 2003|08:49pm]
[ mood | angry ]

went to pick up my schedule..its pretty good

1. Pshycology- Young

2. Us/Va Histo- Knight

3. Fashion Marketing 2- Gardner

4. Physics- Masters

5. Alg2- Hubbard

6. English- Banco

7. Spanish3- O'Connor

8. Homeroom- Fegley

yeaa its ok i guess went to the mall afterrr bought 2 moms soo messed up..she thinks i have like everything and says oh you alreayd have that shirt..yes if i alreayd have it i would want another! gay!!

but glad i got to seee my friendsss..hehe soo happpy!!!!! tell me if you got classes with mee

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[26 Aug 2003|02:31pm]
yesterday was pretty borinnnggg..stayed at home like a bummm..BUM #2!! haha made plans with my one and only BUM #1!!! woohoo..we had A.D.D..we have the memory spand of dory from finding nemo..well i do at just a walking deformity!! oh well..getting my schedule today..cant wait to see everyone!! go todayyy!! haha..yeaaa so sad that schools starting, whyyyyy!! i hate this..i do need sleeping pills like jane said boooo =(

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[25 Aug 2003|11:56pm]
: katiekins404, 2: purdigurl, 3: _dreamdust, 4: protonqueen, 5: socalkid, 6: gcsley182, 7: jesykow, 8: kandyland, 9: huntington, 10: jollyrancher69, 11: jess6man2000, 12: jules12, 13: softballpup2006, 14: urbanize, 15: apxgirlie, 16: azncutie, 17: bebevirtue, 18: chinkybrat, 19: aishatwilight, 20: angel2desire, 21: toxication_86, 22: aznmathers, 23: juliedaqt, 24: shady_nme, 25: xcynthi311x, 26: ca_boum, 27: clairabee, 28: itsonlyportia, 29: photonic_neo, 30: randomme313, 31: darkeyeliner, 32: fairylight, 33: metallitarium, 34: nokturnal_lovin, 35: nymphet, 36: starlitepixee, 37: x0xo, 38: lj_maintenance, 39: blubrymfn, 40: bubblebunnz, 41: cheekiemunky, 42: iamstupid, 43: kgetz182, 44: p1aid, 45: pinkristine, 46: punkrockstar18, 47: reduberalles, 48: seksmashene, 49: uhohspaghettio0, 50: vollmond
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hehehe [24 Aug 2003|09:29pm]
[ mood | sore ]

had a good weekenddd..and very long one too

didnt do anything productive saturday..slept over at tammys tho..pretty crazy and tiring nite..ahh no sleep! haha poor girl and madd pigin out as usual! i feel the pounds!!!

went to church this morning..soo tired haha..but it was really good.everyone running on a hectic schedule...but everything went well..had to teach the little kids for VBS again..there just tooo cutee..awww i luv themm..just hoping that their learning haha

had sunda extension..which was good since its like the last sunday before school starts..ewww we had no clue what we wanted to do..finally came up with an idea to go to georgetown..soo cool never been there before but ya...chilled in the parkin lost a few times cars split apart..and didnt kno where to go bad newsss lol..

finally made it there safe and alive just walked around..SHOPPED! but stuff there is soo expensive..i need a credit card! soo many neat things to see there..i luved itt!!! had dinner at 2 Amy's sounds weird..and its like all when you hear that you think of the hut or likemaybe even an italian place..but not! this place is BETTER! its like REAL! italian pizza and all the weird toppings that you've never heard of..its SOOO GOOOD! but yea..we looked like fobby tourists..with steve as our guide HAHA that was crazy..after dinner went to the National Cathedral...SOOO PRETTY! unforgettable..and the garden..even better! so quiet and i wish i lived closer visit everyday!! ahh want my wedding there man! too pretty! that place is just GORGEOUSSSS!! mannn

long day of walking but it was worth my feet hurt and one last week of SUMMER!!! =( so gonna dread wakin up everymorning..too early and studying and everything blahhhh

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rejected [23 Aug 2003|01:29am]
[ mood | awake ]

went to yg today..everyones leavin for college!!! =( whyyy its sooo sad..i'll miss you all...god bless

will had a good bible study..good job will..

heard some bad news that aggravated me soo much..its just so dumb

bible, prayer, circumstances and fellowship..4 words that are soo important in my life right now..

{edit} thanx to a good friend who cared and asked..OR maybe he was just NOSY!! but thats beisdes the point...that 2nd paragraph up there should be voided well the last part at least..i understand so much more now about things..thankyou..BRATFACE!

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SLKGKJEVJWLEJVLWJELVKJSLKJLKSJDflkjsalkjflakjsdlfjask [21 Aug 2003|09:26pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

all i have to say sucked and im a failure that will never drive

on a lighter note..i bought some school supplies..even though i dunno what i need..i just bought whatever i lliked..hahahah i was like omgg soo cute and i bought sucha brat..god

school suxs my left boob

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you kno you want my love.. [21 Aug 2003|12:05am]
[ mood | determined ]

well didnt do anything these past few days cuz im a loesr that lives under a rock and never goes out..

last day of SAT (loser) class today..YAYYYYY!! but gotta take that mock sat heard the madison kick off thing is next thursday?? oh well wahtever

went swimmin today..TOO COLD thought the sun was out BUT NO! it like died when i went into the pool..i think i got sick now..cuz came home took a shower and i felt like CRAP!! runny nose and evertying so went to sleep woke up at 10..really need to study for my permit..i just dont feel me fail 3 times..THATS SOO PATHETIC..i am pathetic..

blah blah..i feel janes entry..i wish i was 21 tho..but 18 is closer and VA JUST FREAKIN SUCKS MY LEFT NUT! ugh i wanna get outta here..

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welps... [19 Aug 2003|11:11pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

if only my life was that GREAT!! jacked from a.ho

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well these little boxy thingys are just everywhere arent too boreddd save me

watched newlyweds tonite..jessica and nick are too cute..i wish i was rich famous and pretty and had a hot it oh well..
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bored... [19 Aug 2003|12:35pm]
jacked this from someone...

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so! [18 Aug 2003|11:43pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

well didnt do much today..had to wake up all early SAT (loser) class..yeaa it was okk makin up random sentences..what does debacle sound like...TOBACCO!!! oh man..good times...

came home..english tutor came barely finished my homework in time..i was soo tired so yeaa...sooo bored today nothin to dooo..

JANNAY CAME HOME!!! was bahamas haha...boy with tongue ringg!! HAHAHAH sweeett...and how black are u now i need a gonna be PALE compared to her!!

goin to the dmb thursday..studying my butt off..i better pass..even tho i say that evertyime..hopefully i pray that i'll pass..praying HARD man...god let this happen! haha i wanna drive soo bad...

goin to bertuccis tomorrow with tammy jane and xtina..if tina doesnt go to potomac mills..i need a job badly!! thanx hubert...

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haha [17 Aug 2003|07:39pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

WELL LEMME TELL YOU! if you thought your weekend was fun..mine was BETTER! haha

well saturday rolled around and me and tammy wanted to go out soo bad..called her made some plans..those plans FAILED..but xtina wanted me to go find her a sun dress so yea..decided to go to the mall..who would turn that down..soo after alot of arguin..xtina picked me up and we dipped to tysons..just a usual shopping trip ya kno..but NO!! so we stop by H&M and i i see the usual a group of azn girls..nothin weird but..i thought wrong..IT WAS CYNTHIA MARTIN!!! soo unexpected..and some of the other richmond ladies...sooooooo WEIRD rite..even weirder..i saw will and richi there!! wow...just a big day of bumping into people rite..yeaa saw LOTS MORE PEOPLE!! guessi went the right then we went shopping..wanted to buy matchin outfits! haha..but were PO' we didnt have lots of the hours swept away...VERY QUICKLY...the time had come..we had to depart!! it was so sad..but you better come up again and get that present for you kno WHO!!!! SEPTEMBER!! *hintHint* haha so yea i failed my mission..didnt get to find a dress for xtina..=( but if i thought my night wouldnt get any did..I SLEPT OVER AT TAMMYS!! duh haha had a fun nite talkin and SWEATING! haha soo hot in that room oh well..watched see jane date..some of it..power kept goin on and off..scary!! hahah

next morning!! SOO TIRED..power went out so we woke up kinda late haha oops so got ready..left for church..tammy driving of course and just plain ol' fun!! ohh i got to teach today with tammy for VBS..soo cutee we had kevin dylan and there hard hahaha dont really listen but then i switched with daniel..since he had the lil babies..sorta but there SOOO CUTEE!! i was like ok so what did we learn kind rite and there like NOOOOOOO! i was like oh my..i guess my job failed! and they were like this isnt my book and i was like well whose names on it and one kid was like DOPE UGLY! i was like do u even kno those two words! it was soo cute.and..we were lke if your GOOD we'll give you TWO COOKIES/STICKERS haha and just watching their faces light up is SOOO CUTE..yea just talked after fellowship about movies that we cry in and reminiscing old tv shows/cartoons..soo funny! haha

after church me and tammy wanted to see a movie..went to see freaky friday tho i already saw it and then went to see S.W.A.T ya hopping thats all hahaha...both SOO GOOOD!! colin farrell makes me drool! hes soo hot! anyways haha..after went to eat and this is where i end up..

so if you thought your weekend was good..MINE WAS BETTER! unless you can beat that! huh! pc out

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doo bee doo bee doo [16 Aug 2003|12:04pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

well yesterday actually did stuff...sorta..

was sooo bored that xtina came to pick me up and we just drove around..went to 7-11 SLURPEEE!! and dipped to jenns housee...just hung out..made over xtina..your soo prettY! hah planned stuff for the first day of school..ya kno gotta look good! hahha but yea.. then left to drop of jenns bro at football practice..and then i came home

after left to tammys went to yg..tammy drove!! good job! hahah stopped by panera cuz she has to have her sun dried tomato cream cheese! hahahaha its all good..yg was good, talked about soo much stuff, our youth group growing with new leaders and old leaders leaving for college, but will still be here with us...

so dunno what im doin today..maybde movie..S.W.A.T ahhh *drrooool* COLIN FARELL soo hot man..anyways yeaa..whatever pc out

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ugh! [14 Aug 2003|09:35pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I HATE PARENTS!!! PISS ME OF SOO MUCH! THIS DAY SUCKED ASSS! i just wanna live with my friends..cant wait til im outta the house..well seems like everyones pissed off today..including me! life suxs soo much..parents dont understand..

i wanna work since they always say you dunno what its like to work blah blah and all you do is spend money..well now that i actually have an offer for a job there like no focus on school...well then dont SCOLD ME TELLING ME I DUNNO WHAT ITS LIKE IN THE WORLD TO HAVE A JOB! ugh!! i hate them soo much..they make my life a living hell..thats all i have to say...

i just wanted to run away and never come bak to this hell hole..i was really about too..but it would have caused too much drama..whatever f it..

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oh MAN! [13 Aug 2003|10:54pm]
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[13 Aug 2003|09:48pm]
[ mood | awake ]

didnt do much today..soo had to wake up all early for SAT class..suxs..haha today was soo boring..we did ciritcal reading crap and dual one like knew what any of the passages were about..popeyes for lunch..too many mexican workers man!! soo gross..yuck! but yea..dunno what was goin on this week..ohh IM MIGHT GET A JOB! finally..Bertuccis hostess..yeaa im soo happy..drewie its right by where you WORK!! we can like take breaks together! that'd be sooo tite! haha..

girls nite out tomorrow! cant wait..gossiping chillin MAD GRUBBING! hahahah gettin fat yupyup..ohh decided to take some cardio kickboxing class..hopefully it'll keep me in shape..for summer and lax season..

fall advantage..xtina..jenn dont forget to sign up i'll give ya the 411 ...pc out yo! gotta get my work on..too much..stressin..

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[12 Aug 2003|07:02pm]
can anyone help me edit a my profile pic..i wanna change it..but i dunno how to resize the picture i wanna put up..soo...HELP!! please..
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wowzersss [12 Aug 2003|02:14pm]
[ mood | blah ]

man when was the last time i wrote in this thing..well stupid xanga banga aint i took jenns advice and updated im an online journal freak! yo! had a good weekend..some people from richmond came up..just chilled at yg friday..made some plans..

me tammy wayne dan eric will richi theo went up to 6 flags sucked..first off we took a wrong exit and when we got there half the rides were broken..but luckily we go to ride Superman before it broke down for GOOD haha went on jokers and batwing was down grr..i hate six flags man..and it kinda rained but whatever..we saw this show called Samurai Cowboy..omgg two words you never see in the same sentence but it was soo funny..just like shanghai noon/knights yea..then left around 7 or 8 cuz nothin to do there..ate at CPK..hahah our pizza world..each person ordered a diff kinda pizza soo funny and we all switched..taking over LANDS! hahahaha oh mann sooo funny..and tammy with her outkast island pasta..LOSERRRR hahah sike..yea that day was soo funnN!!

sunday..pretty tired..had joint service..sang good stuff..and just hung out..played games or sunday school hahah..soo you love your neighbor..its like muscial chairs but more VIOLENT man..shoving and everything hahah and then telephone..soo funny..girls are better than boys!! yea then went home and SLEPT soo tiredd..

monday..hmm what happened TOO MUCH! hahah.. went to SAT class all early in the not fun...wendys for lunch with jennitalss and xtina. and after class..went to jenns and hung out..brent and justin and jane and jenn went to potomac..while i had my english tutor then later we all met up at jenns..hung out took CRAZY PICTURES haha.. went to justins..just hung out..sooO CRAZY!! prob gonna post up some pictures soon..if i kno how hahh stupid me..i felt soo drunk last nite..BUT I WASNT! haha..well gotta do some of my STUPID SAT HOMEWORK!! pshhh i hate it..wish me luck!! byee

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..... [29 Mar 2003|02:03pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

well since stupid xanga dont work imma update this...this week sucked soo bad! sunday played oakton..tied..didnt play very much...monday played lake braddock..horrible loss...=( and that stupid school doenst have a snack bar..hello make us starve??! yea anywas..practice was cancelled wed cuz of the rain..thursday played falls church..they aint that great..I SCORED TWO GOALS! and played hella lOT! wooohOOO!! monday gon' play robinson..boy there good..anyways..yesterday stepped at exhibition night..IT WAS OFF DA HOOK!! we did soo well and so did dance team and color guard! woohoo..lots of people were there..i didnt think that many people would come..oh and stupid white boy god beef with daniel..nigga betta recognize who you messin gonna get your ass kicked..if you dont stop sayin shit..daniels got madd back shut the fuk up! ugh..anyways..thanks to harol..we got to pimp out the minivan..2 bikes and like 8 people..aww yea..thats the way to pimp it out! hahah good times....but this week kinda sucked at like 3 tests..and bombed like all of them =(...i really need to raise up my i wont get grounded again!! man..this groundation suxs...yea well i have to go to this fashion show for my friends church..thats somewhat goin out..hopefully it'll be good..have a good weekend...later


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whoa.... [17 Mar 2003|07:48pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

holy shiit...havent updated this janx in forever!! well i really use xanga now..but i'll update this too..cuz i have friends who love me that use this!! WOOHOOO!!..i love you DREW!!! I LOVE YOU JANE I LOVE YOU JENN!! I LOVE YOU ALLLLLLLLLLL!!!! im really happy with my life right friends are the best..but iw ish i could be smarter so my parents wouldnt have to worry soo much about my grades and stuff...they've put up with me for long enough..its time to show them some respect and be a good daughter!! yup!! wow that was weird..anyways..borin weekend..went to the mall with jenn drew nappy and travis..baskin robbins...drews house then home...that was like the only thing i didnt feel like going to chruch..sooo tired..i found out i have some kinda of syndrome in my my calf muscle fells like its gonna snap when i run for a long time..and my feet get numb or but isnt too serious..just lay back on the long distance running..thank god i was never good at that anyway..well practice was cancelled today..went to stepp..then jannayyyys!! oh boy did we reminense the good ol' days..that was soo funny gotta do that more often and talked about some issues with other people...thank god..i love you jannayyy!! anyways..dunno what im wearin tomorrow..prob goin scrub..lax is ok..havent had our first game yet..booo oh outt..i feel fat now since we didnt have practice and i ate alot...yuCK! bye xoxo

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GRRR NOOOOO!! [02 Dec 2002|04:27pm]
WTF!! HOW COULD BENJI WANT TO GO OUT WITH CHRISTINA!! IM SUPPOSED TO GO OUT WITH HIM!! HAHA SIKE!! but christina..come on now benji..use some common sense..that stupid ho..haha sike..i like christina though..its ok i'll forgive you benji..your still fuckin hot! hahah..pc out

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sat [24 Nov 2002|09:15pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

anyways..last nite was off da heezy fo sheezy! hell ya nigga..chilled with my niggaz/bitchez haha!! soo funn!! i love you guys..well it started out..we were gonna go to springfield mall to take 6 *me jenn jane erica and justine and theresa* but then jenn CAME HOME LATE STUPID ASS! HAHAH sike i luv you..yea so we didnt go take pics and poor theresa was arleady at the mall so i just went to jenns house..then erica and justine came..and we left to go pick up janey..then went to the ice arena..and it wasnt really opened we just waited for awhile..talked it was funn..then kaki and marinos or whatever his name is..jenns friend..and we juss chilled..until it was open..then ERIC AND ALEX CAME!! YAY!! was soo our skates and went out on the ice..the first time i was soo scared..i was gonna fall on my butt..and popor erica!!! she held on to the wall the whole time..its ok babe..i still love you!! we skated got used to the ice started having funn! then one time it was only me eric and alex..and they were like plannin to make me fall and i was like you better not and they were like oh we arent..and so being stupid me..i was like okk..and so i skated and then they came up infront of me..and alex fell down rite in front of me on purpose so i would falL! and then eric fell to make me look good! HAHAH that was our plan..if i fell they would all fall to make me look good!! haha aww there soo cute..yea so it was funn..then hours past by..those fun hours..and then we had to leave =(..definitly chillin with all u guys again aite im out pc..

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special announcement! [22 Nov 2002|11:27pm]


8:30-10:30 pm FAIRFAX ICE ARENA! BE THERE! OR BE CIRCLE! haha sike
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I'D DO ANYTHING...just to hold you in my arms... [19 Nov 2002|08:15pm]
[ mood | cold ]

wassup guys!! well another fun day..dressed GQ kinda wiht jenn and kaKI! kept lookin at me..stupid fat bitch! ugh..anywyas..fell asleep in chemistry..mrs.crawford yelled at me aly carly and ashlee..whata bitch! ugh..go retire anyways stayed after for step..stupid people wont shut the fuck up!! ugh rite janey! hah went home with janey..had the best time!! erics "suprise" that jane cant wait to find out on sat!! hahah BE PATIENT!! anyways..we played mario party! HELL YA!! reminisced the good ol' days at andys house!! awwww I MISS CHILLIN WITH THEM!!! janey we gotta chill with them yea so..we were like freaking out and gettin all into it and hardcore into mario party! damn its a competivitve game!! haha we wer liek screamin at the tv everytime we lost..LUIGI CHEATS! NEVER PICK HIM AS THE COMPUTER PERSON!! NOOO!!..hahah favorite game..THE FIRE JUMP ROPE!! YAAAYYY!! HAHAHit was soo funny..eric was like laughin at us..haha silly kid..yea so sat...soo much shit to skatin...springfield mall..takin pics..damn its gonna be fun!!..holla if ya wanna come!! aite im out gotta do shitty homewor..and im soo tired!! im out pc xoxo

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[17 Nov 2002|07:17pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

suuppp niggaaazz! just woke up from a nap..i actually did all my tarea saturday!! hell ya! go bonnie! haha actually updating again! so friday nite..did shit..nothin really saturday..did my homework!! went out saw 8 mile!! omgg best movie!! EMINEM IS SOO FUCKIN HOTT!! YAAA!! saw alex!! aww i miss him! and stupid eric couldnt come..which you have prob heard from my dear jane..she was very down!! its ok..he'll come next weekend!! yea so lots of people went..umm me jenn jane..alex topik..alex *sasha*...daria..dasha..alex..randy danny..andrew..shannon..and some other people i forgot haha..this one kid OMG HE LOOKED LIKE HARRY POTTER!! no joke it was soo weird!! yea so..saw the movie..and when we were going into the where the movie was..some guy like stood infront of the door and like spread his arms and legs out..and was like you cannot go in..we were like umm.we have tickets u fucker! and he was like u need alex/sasha's mom came up and let us in..and he gaves us rules..ok you fucker were not like 10! dumass..jeez..anyway..but i see why there soo protected about that movie..there are some parts that are..ya..nuff said..haha today mom took me to tammys house..went to was funn..we were gonna chil at the mall after..but tammy couldnt go..and so we didnt do anything..came home..DRANK SPARKLING CIDER!! there were like 10 bottles i was like OH SHIT!! haha..and i got a stomach ache..what else..took a nap..woke up and now im here...dunon what to do..chattin online..talked with mike..this kid that goes to fairfax and really wants to meet me for some reason..weird..yea so dunno whats goin on with that..aite im out pc xoxo *hOlLA*

P.S. SAT- FAIRFAX ICE RINK! BE THERE!!...well were not sure yet holla at jane if u wanna come!! pc

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lala [15 Nov 2002|09:31pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

hey well another one month entry for me! hahah...i'll try updating more! its not like you guys read my entries anyways! haha..well this month has been aite..except for school and grades suck ass!!! im sucha fuckin dumass!! i got the worst grades ever! ONE A!!! how pathetic not even in gyM! trying really hard this quarter..and step is really funn!! im actually doing some school related activity! yay!! im excited..yea so chilin with soo many niggAz tomm...damnn the group is like 20+ above..theresa might come i miss her soo much..shes the titest girl ever!! aww shes soo cute..yea i might go tot he madisons vs. fairfax game tomrorow..cuz theres this guy name mike that amanda and thomas kno that goes there..and he really wants to meet me..only cuz amanda like talked to him about me..which i had no clue what that was about! and he has a fetish with *drumroll* AZN GIRLZ!! AHHHHHH!! haha..yea so maybe meeting him tomorrow..i need more a loner..=( and i need a life..stayin home on a friday..IM SUCHA LOSER!!! ahh..oh yea..i got a new cell last nite..its pretty tite...screw my old one..whats the point of a cell when you have to talk into it like a walkey talkey haha...yea so what else..just chillin around lately..i really need to start training for lax..its gonna be hard ass..stupid mccormick..shes like you guys better be inshape comin into me cuz the first day of tryouts were runnin a timed mile and prob 5 miles after that..i was like WTF!!! bitch!! she cant even run the loop!!! and shes makin us run all that shit..damn..but trainin already and thursday i can only go mon and thursday cuz tues and wed i got step!! yay!! we learned this new thing its like s-t-e-p-p steppers in unity..and then the step that goes with it..i can do each seperatley..but when it comes to combining the two..i look like a freakin RETARD! cant do it..but i keep on practicing..and i think i kinda got and jane are trying haha..yeaa! so wow this was a long ass entry! i'll update more often..i just gotta motivate myself! haha aite im out..hoLLa! xoxo

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[22 Oct 2002|06:47pm]
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LALALALALLALL [19 Oct 2002|12:44pm]
[ mood | excited ]

sup nIGGAZZZ! hahah im soo hyper rite now..gettin ready for homecomin to day! WOOHOO~~!!!yeabut anyways wow two entries in ONE week...accomplishment for bonnie!! hell ya!! ok so the past week has been very long even though it was like a 3 day went by very very slowly!! so friday got my nails done after school..then chuck and tammy picked me up and we chilled at the mall...soo many people there...i bought a smoothie!! mmm...and went to cvs and bought makeup remover for today...yea so..couple more hours til i get my hair done...i gotta blow dry it..and i really want jane to do my makeup..but since shes grounded she cant go anywhere =( and my mom wont take me...shes got no time..=(...yea oh yea janey showed me mcleans homecoming pictures yesterday..well just one..i look soo baddd!! ugh...I BE CHEESIN ALL HARD AND SHIT! damnn i look gay! hahah aite im out..pc niggaz.holla!!

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SUPRISE!!!! [16 Oct 2002|08:27pm]
[ mood | blah ] update from bonnie!! SUPRISE SUPRISE!!! yea many years has it been..that alrite..but anyways...i've been reading everyones LJ yea..right now im really bored..gotta do some history shit..dont really mom wanted to see my interim today cuz i didnt show her when it came out...and i wasnt palnning on showing her..but no..stupid gay ass school HAD to send that stupid letter in sayin about how your child has gotten their interim! ugh! she like freaked out..but thank god my dad isnt here..hes on a business its all good..cuz hes harder on grades than my sucha dumass! im A STUPID DUMASS!!! so yea.. i gotta go to another homecoming this weekend..gettin my nails done friday..dunno if their football game is still on..prob not..stupi mother fuckin sniper! GET A FUCKIN LIFE!...godamn..ruining everything! stupi shit head! burn in hell! haha oh and if anyone of you were wonderin..its Langleys homecoming..stupid richass school!

HMMMM what should bonnie wear tomorrow?!?! suggestions?!?! haha

</font>*R.I.P Chris Haden*</font> were sucha cool will be missed dearly and forever..*DAMN! HE WAS HOTT*

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weekend! [30 Sep 2002|07:25pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

yea so...finally an update..well saturday had the best time of my life..chillin with at chicaz...jane julie jenn and sasha! a.k.a NIGGA! HAHa oh yea and danny! cant forget him..makin fun of my move! nigga pleese! haha..yea so we went to fairoaks like the WHOLE day! from like 1-10..whoa 9 whole hours..yea so we were just shoppin around and then we saw that hot 995 was there..and they were doing this teen night shit and giving away Nelly we were like oh snap! we gota check that shit we like sat in the front and they set up this kareoake thing..and you had to sing kareoake in order win the tickets..yea so it took forver for us to pick a song..its hard to! me and jane sang Bring it all to me by blaque..and sasha and jenn sang..that la la la la the kisses of the sun..or osmething i dunno what its called! haha..and then all of us went up and sang Eminem without me! THAT WAS THAT SHIITT!! OH SNAP! WE WERE OFF DA HOOK!!! FOREAL! haha..that was soo fun...we were acting like crazy!! and when we were outside waiting for jenns dad and julies parents..we were wild!! it was soo crazy we were all up in the middle of the streets and shit..and the stupid popo come by and there like stay on the curb! were like wtf! and so they come back and we go back into the middle of the road again! HAHA it was tite!! got home at like 10:30! it was the funniest day of my life!! dude we gotta chill again! fo sho nigga! LOL

yea so sunday..didnt really do much..danced..chink school...nboring and tiring day..well Mcleans homecoming this weekend..and then 19th langleys! so i dunno if i should wear the same dress to both..i dun wanna but i might have to since im poor as shit! aite..well im out! pc! xoxoxo

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wow!!! AN UPDATE FROM BONNIE!! [26 Sep 2002|07:32pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

heyy whoa...havent updated in awhile as usual..dude when i sign up for these online journal things..i like update soo much and then i gradually stop..its weird..aite..well nothin really has been going suxs like a fucker...homecomings comin up..gotta make reservations and shit.. YAY!!...STILL NEED A DATE FOR MCLEANS! HAH JENN AND JANE yea so...monday or tuesday me n jenn chilled after school...she tried on my homecoming dress from last year..and she likes im lettin her borrow it..then we went to her house to chilll n shit...she has soo many cute clothes..dude borrowin all of them! HAHAHA...and were gonna switch clothes for a week too!! oh when i was looking at jenns shoes..this itty bitty piece of glass cut the heel of my foot! OUCH!! it hurt at first but when i squeezed some of the blood was ALL GOOD!! was bleedin alot..but tahts ok!! its all better..and we painted our toe nails and nails!!haha..yea so...we gotta plan all this homecomin crap..and i need to talk to tammy about alotta things and whats going on...sephora and stuff!! yeaa...danced on saturday..and it WASNT at RTC..stupid teacher told us the wrong place! UGHHH!!..yea it was soo hott...and soo many fucking mexicans...*im trying not to cuss as much* gonna be a good girl...yea so anywyas..after we danced..went to tammys house..pigged out like whoa! HAHAH..yeaa...watched TV...hmm what else...did stuff...mostly sat on our asses..OH YEA!! she got a nice ass benz..damn...soo rich! its soo nicee!! wish I was i could get a nice car!! mmmm!! yea umm..what! were learning this new dance..its like a shaking your butt dance..haha all these butt shakin moves!! damnn..good stuff! HAHAHAH..

I HAVE JOINED THE <<*KKK*>> REPRESENT FO SHO NIGGA!!!...HOLLA!!! Luv to all my kkk'ers!! HAHAH!! HELL YA!! its not what you think..i aint against black people..or whatever they were against...ITS TOTALLY DIFFERENT! so dont think im some racist! I AINT AITE!!! so dun go thinkin shit for all you hoez that dunno me! HAHAH sorry..just had to say that..anyways

School suxs a butthole..i hate how our school is soo unspirited..imma switch schools someday..

Yea so..its like only the first month of school and im like literally failing..i hate this shit! why cant we all be born smart..fuck that! gosh! I NEED TO STOP CUSSING! SOMEONE STOP ME!! haha.yeaa well nothin really happened today..the stupid football game rained out..and now i got nothin to do cept' homework..damnit..took a nap when i came home soo tired my period like two days ago or something...feel like crap..well at least i wont have it during homecoming..*PHEW* sorry had to share that with all ya'll! HAHA..yeaa well im out PC!! xoxo

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whatever.... [27 Aug 2002|08:02pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

wasssup!!...just got back from potomac mills with tammy!! had a fun yet scary time!!...we were eating lunch at burger king..and we were in line..and some guy randomly comes up to us and he starts talkin to us and literally making conversation with tammy..i didnt even bother talking to soo fed up with guys like that! UGHH!! they piss me off! STUPI FUCKER! but yea..he was like you both have beautiful eyes...blah blah blah..and he asked tammy what her name was and she was like alyssa..and my name was terry HAHAHA LOL...and he asked tammy what do you major in and she said business..and he was like can you teach me some business..ugH! it was soo gross! so we ordered our food and ran out..and ate at the food court..then after...we saw him again..but he luckily didnt see us so we ran the other way...and went into urban planet and while we were wlaking in he was right behind and he was like nice talking to you ladies cya later...we were like ugh..GO AWAY! MANN!! SOO MANY ANNOYING PEOPLE OUT IN THE WORLD! GO HIT ON SOMEONE ELSE! stupi fuckin guys who have NO LIFE! UGGGGGHHHHH!!!...yea and then we were walking and you kno those little stand in the middle rite...well there was this one where they cleaned your jewlery..and these guys were runnin the stand..and everytime we would walk by..they'd like scream and be like come and get your jewelry cleaned...and we would just walk by..and they'd be like come on..blah blah..come over here..blah blah...stupid shitheads!! UGHH! I HATE THEM! THERE EVERYWHERE!yea but other than all that stupid crap we had to deal with...i got a nice jacket that matched my other pants i got i have a whole outift and i got a white shirt thats button down and quarter sleeved..i was happy!...tammy got NICE red pants and a shirt that was sooo CUTE!! and jeans from 5-7-9..i luv the store papya...and then we were juts walking around...and we found out that all the way at the end of potomac mills theres a LVL X!!! AHHHHH!! WHEN DID THEY BUILD THAT!! hahaha...yea...umm...thats it nothin else interesting i finally did something today..lots and lots of walking!! well im out...

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[26 Aug 2002|10:18pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

IM HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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whoa...havent updated in a few weeks! haha [25 Aug 2002|11:52pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

hey guys..sorry i havent updated in liek 9823749237248379 gazillion years...well i guess i'll like updating more since it used to be sucha pain in the ass..haha cuz jane told me to download this really cool thing...thats easy to do without going to the website..THANX BABE!! AND WE GOTTA CHILL WITH BUTTASS!! HAHAHAHAA your word yea i kno! hahaha..yea so ohh if you guys dunno my schedule here it is 1. geometry- cline <- trying to get swtiched..missy talked me into it.. 2. Pe- Garvey 3. Fashion Marketing- Gardner 4. History- Sharp 5. Spanish2- Flinn 6. English- Sharp 7. Chemistry- Crawford.. any classes with..tell me!! hehe i went to potomac mills CON MI FAMILIA..haha...yeaa got 2 shirts and 2 pairs of pants..nothin really..going back tuesday! haha..oh and i got a new backpack!! YAY!!!...i need to find a first day of school outfit. LOL... oh are any of you guys going to that fall kickoff thing on like the 28th of Aug...tell me if you are..cuz i dunno whose going..and WE CAN SEE EACH OTHER!! haha..for those i havent seen this whole summer..which is like EVERYONE!! offical I HIBERNATE IN THE WINTER!!!!! I STAY HOME LIKE EVERDAY!! GRRR...hahah well im gonna to janey online!! haha..aite im out pC! *peace* for those who ARE NOT GHETTO! hahah jkjk..byee

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lonngg ass entry [18 Aug 2002|09:21pm]
aite..well this is gonna be a long ass entry!! everyone be prepareD!!...well just got back from Va beach..damnn...very tiring weekend!!..first night...we got took the stupid hotel people to get our room ready!...we waited for like 2 f'ing hours!! daymnn...stupid people! but me and tammy ordered pizza..changed...ate pizza...walked on the boardwalk for a little...went in the water and sat and was pretty late too...and then it started raining really really hard, man it sucked soo much! we wanted to go out in the streets and chill!! oh yea and then we were like walkin back to the hotel and it was like 8 or 9 pm and then tammys like washin her feet cuz there was sand on it rite..and some random guy and his friends like do you need any help..and tammys like no and he comes up to me and he's like so where are you guys from and were like northern va and he was like oh you have pretty eyes..whats your name..and i was like tammy hahah and he was like oh teryiaki..i was like uhh yeaa wtf?!! like trying not to laugh..and so he finally like left and he like blew a kiss and i was like EWWWW GO AWAY!! mann soo annoyin and scary! oh well. So yea next mornin woke up...went to this breakfast thing and it was a pretty shitty place...flies EVERYWHERE!! i swear i got bit like 3498573495 million times!! ahhhh but yea after breakfast me and tammy changed into our bathing suits went out onto the beach and tanned like whoa!!! yeaa it was all sandy and we felt very disgustin cuz the the taining oil stuck with the sand and our whole bodies were all sandy!! yuck! =( but anyways we were usin the beach chairs and the umbrella thing rite and so some retarded guy comes up to us and hes like um $25 for the chairs we were like wtf?! ok were not gonna use them and so we sat like infront of them and he was like you have to move farther we were like...stupid dumbass! were far enough! jeez! stupid freak and he had like food all over his mouth! ughhhh uggly!! anyways after tanning we got tired walked around the boardwalk and chilled went to the pool to rinse off and tan some its soo much easier to tan at the pool than on the beach!! foreal! but yea so then changed and ate some stuff took a quick shower to get the oil off and sand then jess called and so me her and tammy and her friend jordana were gonna chill and me and jess had each others shirts haha from like lynchburg! LOL i still need mine back jess! hah mail it to me aite! lol but yeaa so we were like walkin and it took jordana forever to find us..cuz she was like cruisin on the other side on the wrong side so she could never find us! hahaha it was soo funny we walked from like 3rd street to like 24th and couldnt find her! but finally she came and we went cruisin!! stopped by the beach again stood around thinkin about what we were gonna do but nothin came up so we went and cruised around some more..stopped by corner 24 to get jess's bathin suit that they were supposed to fix but coulndt or its just like a pacsun its soo cute..then went back to cruisiN!! checkin out the hot guys..honkin at them! hahahahah....blasting the music...soo funn!! and then we were honkin at the guys in the cars passin us..and so we followed these one guys in a red jetta and then we lost them and they followed us haha it was soo funny..and then we kept honkin at random people...and i dunno why but these guys in a green mustang started followin us and they were soo ugly! and i dont think they understood that we were trying to GET away from they followed us for like ever! we were like get the hell away! and so we met up with the guys in the red jetta again and they were like cussin out the guys in the green mustang it was sooo funny! so we were like at a stop light and we were lookin around to see if they were still there and then all of a sudden one of the guys from the red jetta come up to our car and he was like yeaa what are you girls doin and we were like partying in va beach and he was like well theres a party at some charlotte place i dunno but yea he was like wanna come and we were like nah we juss partying in va beach hahah but the driver was soo hotttt daymmnn!! good times...cruisin around up and down the streeets and then these stupid cops start crawlin around cuz people arent allowed to cruise up and downt he streets so they like ride there stupid bikes and like check to see if they've seen you before..and so were blastin the music and some cop like passes and we were like ohh sh*t..mann it was scary luckily we didnt get caught..mann..but yea so then just cruised around for a few hours and then went back to the hotel mann..thanx for such a fun time jess and jordana!!! luv ya girls!! haha so me and tammy were sweatin like crazy!! changed and walked around the boardwalk...we ate dinner at this cafe place it was pretty good there was a wedding party going on in there was weird but yea walked around on the streets it was soo scary! all these people honking..hootinn...whistling at you!! soo scary..and then they like try followin us!! could get raped out there! daymnnn but yea so it started sprinklin a little and it got harder so went back to the hotel and waited and then it stoped went back out again..and then we were walkin on the boardwalk and them some guys from there hotel balcony start like whistlin and hootin at us..and usin there laser pointers and like followin us with them..mann it was soo gross!! ughhhhh!!! soo many people!! AHHH!! but yea we were soo scared and just stayed in the hotel..haha we were really tired too so went to bed pretty quickly then next mornin we were soo tired and had to leave at like 11 soo early!!! took forever in the shower too! haha ate breakfast and then headed on home...we stopped by soo many places!! UGHHH!! woke me up from my sleep to see some daymnn birds!! and there werent any birds anyways!! it was some like museum! no BIRDS!! stooopppiddd!! mann...but me and tammy took our pictures we needed yeaa stopped there...where else..umm...some market honked at there too...stopped at friendly's got whistled and honked at there...ughhh...stopped by like 50 piers! ughh it was sooo stupid!! me and tammy need some sleep yo! daymnnn...go look at piers on your own free time! then ate pho!! WOOOHOOO!! soo many we went in and there werent that many mexicans outside and but a few inside then ate came out and they literally REPRODUCED by the hour!! was packed with mexicans!! in there car..outsided chillin...SOO MANYYYY!! AHHHHH!! and them trying to talk to us ughhh..tammy flicked them all off! HAHAHAHHA it was soo funny! but yea...then we FINALLY got home!! we spent like 7 hours in and out of the car!! but all in all..WE HAD THE BEST TIME! HAHAHAH LOL..inside jokes!!! mann...soo many!! but and tammy decided to go back when we can drive or when were with a bunch of friends!! hahahah aitee....mann that was i gotta unpack! im out pC
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IM HERE! [03 Aug 2002|01:09pm]
[ mood | drunk ]

hey guys sorry i havent updated in awhile..i'm usually upadting at my xanga site! go check it out!

kk...just wanted to tell you guys im still her..i aint dead or anything! later PC!

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so anyways..... [30 Jul 2002|06:37pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

hey!..well finally did something today! haha...woke up at like 10! damnn soo early...yea got ready..went to the mall with tammy and chuck...tammy couldnt find the dress she wanted *teaR* its'll pop up someday! haha...then we went to eat at CPK...stupid chuck..somehow paid! GRRRR! stupid chuck! go fuck a duck chuck! hahah that rhymes hahah..JKJK...hes a pretty cool guy. Then me and tammy wanted to shop around but we couldnt too long..*sniff* haha...cuz the movie was at like 1 so we went into Sephora..and looked around like always and then went to CVS tammy needed makeup remover and i got this revlon lip color stuff buy one get on free! WOOHOO! good deal and i really like the color i got this rose color and i got a clear glossy one...and then we saw the movie Austin Powers Goldmember! OMG ITS SOO FUNNY!! you guys gotta go see it! hahah... yea and then i came back home..and my mom called and she told me she was at POTOMAC MILLS!! GrrRRRrrr!! i was soo mad!!!!...haha aite...well im out..more later pc!

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my day..... [28 Jul 2002|08:42pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

wassssupp...aite well im soo tired!! ahh!!..went to bed at like 3 in the mornin woke up at like 8:30! for church..soo tired..then after church chilled at tammys...ate yummy food!! jogging..did curlups! hahah MAD WORK OUT!!..not lol yea watched Mary Kate and Ashley Olson movie..Our Lips are Sealed i think thats what its called...funny stuff..and we watched some of Au Pair...good too...aite im sooo tired..maybe i'll take a nap..hmm..aite im out pc! more later...

P.S. oh yea..we didnt go see Austin Powers today..didnt feel like it hahah..

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