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lilpinkprincess's Journal

8 June
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50 cent, aaliyah, accents, anastasia, aol, ataris, audio adrenaline, avril lavigne, bathing suits, beaches, belts, blink 182, bowling, boys!, bracelets, brad pitt, breakfast club, brownies, camp, care bears, cartoons, cd's, cell phones, cherish, chik-fil-a, christina aguilera, cookies, dancing, dashboard confessional, david beckham, david boreanaz, dawsons creek, days of our lives, disney, dogs, eating, eminem, eyeliner, finch, finding nemo, freaky friday, friends, gilmore girls, glitter, going out, good charlotte, grabbing asses, green day, hanging out with friends, hayden christensen, hoobastank, hoodies, ice cream, jessica simpson, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, jolly ranchers, josh hartnett, juliana theory, justin timberlake, laughing, little mermaid, m&ms, mad lax, malls, mariah carey, mario party, matt damon, money, motorcrossed, movies, mxpx, nail polish, newfoundglory, o.a.r, oc, oceans 11, orlando bloom, parties, partying, paul walker, phish, pictures, piercings, pinball, pirates of the carribean, pizza, pretzels, prom dresses, purses, putt putt, rainforest cafe, real world, reality shows, reeses pieces, reliant k, rings, roller coasters, roxy, saves the day, shoes, shopping, simple plan, singing, skiing, skittles, sleepovers, snickers, socks, something corporate, sourpatch kids, starburst, stars, swedish fish, swimming, talking on the phone, tanning, tattoos, the all-american rejects, the get up kids, the starting line, theme parks, three days grace, tim mcgraw, tom cruise, tv, underwear, watermine, websites, weezer, white chocolate, working out, yogurt