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pretty chill today i guess..

woke up early..took PSAT's scored soo badd 940..wtff!! THAT SUCKSSSS my goal is like 1300 hahah i wish..oh well its not like im smart anyway..our teacher was like a trans...SUPER SUPER SUPER tall black lady..we were like aw she looks nice and she spoke and it s like SOOO LOW...i was like WTF! i think all of us were scared..her voice just got annoyin dudeee...ewww

after went to eat lunch..and drop by jenns for her get 100 bucks if you turn in a school directory that they dont have..i was like damnn niceee easy cashhh...

ate a chipotle..pretty good..very biggg didnt finish..mann soo full and fattt yuckkkk

fall kickoff was today..THOUGHT my tutor was comin again..but no MOM SAID HE CANCELLED! so when do i found out..of course at like 7 when hes supposed to come..thats gay man..i hate that ughhh...i should kno whats goin on with my SCHEDULE THANK YOU!..well didnt go cuz i didnt feel like it, its gettin pretty gay now..i guess since im older i dont have an interest in school..well then again i never did..oh well

VMA'S TONITE!!! watched the preshow and the beginnin..but my dads gay and wants to watch all his we need cable desperately hooked up on our other hasnt been hooked up yet..WE NEED IT!! he interrupts MY TV!! damnnn
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