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had a good weekenddd..and very long one too

didnt do anything productive saturday..slept over at tammys tho..pretty crazy and tiring nite..ahh no sleep! haha poor girl and madd pigin out as usual! i feel the pounds!!!

went to church this morning..soo tired haha..but it was really good.everyone running on a hectic schedule...but everything went well..had to teach the little kids for VBS again..there just tooo cutee..awww i luv themm..just hoping that their learning haha

had sunda extension..which was good since its like the last sunday before school starts..ewww we had no clue what we wanted to do..finally came up with an idea to go to georgetown..soo cool never been there before but ya...chilled in the parkin lost a few times cars split apart..and didnt kno where to go bad newsss lol..

finally made it there safe and alive just walked around..SHOPPED! but stuff there is soo expensive..i need a credit card! soo many neat things to see there..i luved itt!!! had dinner at 2 Amy's sounds weird..and its like all when you hear that you think of the hut or likemaybe even an italian place..but not! this place is BETTER! its like REAL! italian pizza and all the weird toppings that you've never heard of..its SOOO GOOOD! but yea..we looked like fobby tourists..with steve as our guide HAHA that was crazy..after dinner went to the National Cathedral...SOOO PRETTY! unforgettable..and the garden..even better! so quiet and i wish i lived closer visit everyday!! ahh want my wedding there man! too pretty! that place is just GORGEOUSSSS!! mannn

long day of walking but it was worth my feet hurt and one last week of SUMMER!!! =( so gonna dread wakin up everymorning..too early and studying and everything blahhhh
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