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well didnt do much today..had to wake up all early SAT (loser) class..yeaa it was okk makin up random sentences..what does debacle sound like...TOBACCO!!! oh man..good times...

came home..english tutor came barely finished my homework in time..i was soo tired so yeaa...sooo bored today nothin to dooo..

JANNAY CAME HOME!!! was bahamas haha...boy with tongue ringg!! HAHAHAH sweeett...and how black are u now i need a gonna be PALE compared to her!!

goin to the dmb thursday..studying my butt off..i better pass..even tho i say that evertyime..hopefully i pray that i'll pass..praying HARD man...god let this happen! haha i wanna drive soo bad...

goin to bertuccis tomorrow with tammy jane and xtina..if tina doesnt go to potomac mills..i need a job badly!! thanx hubert...
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