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WELL LEMME TELL YOU! if you thought your weekend was fun..mine was BETTER! haha

well saturday rolled around and me and tammy wanted to go out soo bad..called her made some plans..those plans FAILED..but xtina wanted me to go find her a sun dress so yea..decided to go to the mall..who would turn that down..soo after alot of arguin..xtina picked me up and we dipped to tysons..just a usual shopping trip ya kno..but NO!! so we stop by H&M and i i see the usual a group of azn girls..nothin weird but..i thought wrong..IT WAS CYNTHIA MARTIN!!! soo unexpected..and some of the other richmond ladies...sooooooo WEIRD rite..even weirder..i saw will and richi there!! wow...just a big day of bumping into people rite..yeaa saw LOTS MORE PEOPLE!! guessi went the right then we went shopping..wanted to buy matchin outfits! haha..but were PO' we didnt have lots of the hours swept away...VERY QUICKLY...the time had come..we had to depart!! it was so sad..but you better come up again and get that present for you kno WHO!!!! SEPTEMBER!! *hintHint* haha so yea i failed my mission..didnt get to find a dress for xtina..=( but if i thought my night wouldnt get any did..I SLEPT OVER AT TAMMYS!! duh haha had a fun nite talkin and SWEATING! haha soo hot in that room oh well..watched see jane date..some of it..power kept goin on and off..scary!! hahah

next morning!! SOO TIRED..power went out so we woke up kinda late haha oops so got ready..left for church..tammy driving of course and just plain ol' fun!! ohh i got to teach today with tammy for VBS..soo cutee we had kevin dylan and there hard hahaha dont really listen but then i switched with daniel..since he had the lil babies..sorta but there SOOO CUTEE!! i was like ok so what did we learn kind rite and there like NOOOOOOO! i was like oh my..i guess my job failed! and they were like this isnt my book and i was like well whose names on it and one kid was like DOPE UGLY! i was like do u even kno those two words! it was soo cute.and..we were lke if your GOOD we'll give you TWO COOKIES/STICKERS haha and just watching their faces light up is SOOO CUTE..yea just talked after fellowship about movies that we cry in and reminiscing old tv shows/cartoons..soo funny! haha

after church me and tammy wanted to see a movie..went to see freaky friday tho i already saw it and then went to see S.W.A.T ya hopping thats all hahaha...both SOO GOOOD!! colin farrell makes me drool! hes soo hot! anyways haha..after went to eat and this is where i end up..

so if you thought your weekend was good..MINE WAS BETTER! unless you can beat that! huh! pc out
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