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doo bee doo bee doo

well yesterday actually did stuff...sorta..

was sooo bored that xtina came to pick me up and we just drove around..went to 7-11 SLURPEEE!! and dipped to jenns housee...just hung out..made over xtina..your soo prettY! hah planned stuff for the first day of school..ya kno gotta look good! hahha but yea.. then left to drop of jenns bro at football practice..and then i came home

after left to tammys went to yg..tammy drove!! good job! hahah stopped by panera cuz she has to have her sun dried tomato cream cheese! hahahaha its all good..yg was good, talked about soo much stuff, our youth group growing with new leaders and old leaders leaving for college, but will still be here with us...

so dunno what im doin today..maybde movie..S.W.A.T ahhh *drrooool* COLIN FARELL soo hot man..anyways yeaa..whatever pc out
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