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I HATE PARENTS!!! PISS ME OF SOO MUCH! THIS DAY SUCKED ASSS! i just wanna live with my friends..cant wait til im outta the house..well seems like everyones pissed off today..including me! life suxs soo much..parents dont understand..

i wanna work since they always say you dunno what its like to work blah blah and all you do is spend money..well now that i actually have an offer for a job there like no focus on school...well then dont SCOLD ME TELLING ME I DUNNO WHAT ITS LIKE IN THE WORLD TO HAVE A JOB! ugh!! i hate them soo much..they make my life a living hell..thats all i have to say...

i just wanted to run away and never come bak to this hell hole..i was really about too..but it would have caused too much drama..whatever f it..
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