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man when was the last time i wrote in this thing..well stupid xanga banga aint i took jenns advice and updated im an online journal freak! yo! had a good weekend..some people from richmond came up..just chilled at yg friday..made some plans..

me tammy wayne dan eric will richi theo went up to 6 flags sucked..first off we took a wrong exit and when we got there half the rides were broken..but luckily we go to ride Superman before it broke down for GOOD haha went on jokers and batwing was down grr..i hate six flags man..and it kinda rained but whatever..we saw this show called Samurai Cowboy..omgg two words you never see in the same sentence but it was soo funny..just like shanghai noon/knights yea..then left around 7 or 8 cuz nothin to do there..ate at CPK..hahah our pizza world..each person ordered a diff kinda pizza soo funny and we all switched..taking over LANDS! hahahaha oh mann sooo funny..and tammy with her outkast island pasta..LOSERRRR hahah sike..yea that day was soo funnN!!

sunday..pretty tired..had joint service..sang good stuff..and just hung out..played games or sunday school hahah..soo you love your neighbor..its like muscial chairs but more VIOLENT man..shoving and everything hahah and then telephone..soo funny..girls are better than boys!! yea then went home and SLEPT soo tiredd..

monday..hmm what happened TOO MUCH! hahah.. went to SAT class all early in the not fun...wendys for lunch with jennitalss and xtina. and after class..went to jenns and hung out..brent and justin and jane and jenn went to potomac..while i had my english tutor then later we all met up at jenns..hung out took CRAZY PICTURES haha.. went to justins..just hung out..sooO CRAZY!! prob gonna post up some pictures soon..if i kno how hahh stupid me..i felt soo drunk last nite..BUT I WASNT! haha..well gotta do some of my STUPID SAT HOMEWORK!! pshhh i hate it..wish me luck!! byee
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