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well since stupid xanga dont work imma update this...this week sucked soo bad! sunday played oakton..tied..didnt play very much...monday played lake braddock..horrible loss...=( and that stupid school doenst have a snack bar..hello make us starve??! yea anywas..practice was cancelled wed cuz of the rain..thursday played falls church..they aint that great..I SCORED TWO GOALS! and played hella lOT! wooohOOO!! monday gon' play robinson..boy there good..anyways..yesterday stepped at exhibition night..IT WAS OFF DA HOOK!! we did soo well and so did dance team and color guard! woohoo..lots of people were there..i didnt think that many people would come..oh and stupid white boy god beef with daniel..nigga betta recognize who you messin gonna get your ass kicked..if you dont stop sayin shit..daniels got madd back shut the fuk up! ugh..anyways..thanks to harol..we got to pimp out the minivan..2 bikes and like 8 people..aww yea..thats the way to pimp it out! hahah good times....but this week kinda sucked at like 3 tests..and bombed like all of them =(...i really need to raise up my i wont get grounded again!! man..this groundation suxs...yea well i have to go to this fashion show for my friends church..thats somewhat goin out..hopefully it'll be good..have a good weekend...later

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