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I'D DO ANYTHING...just to hold you in my arms...

wassup guys!! well another fun day..dressed GQ kinda wiht jenn and kaKI! kept lookin at me..stupid fat bitch! ugh..anywyas..fell asleep in chemistry..mrs.crawford yelled at me aly carly and ashlee..whata bitch! ugh..go retire anyways stayed after for step..stupid people wont shut the fuck up!! ugh rite janey! hah went home with janey..had the best time!! erics "suprise" that jane cant wait to find out on sat!! hahah BE PATIENT!! anyways..we played mario party! HELL YA!! reminisced the good ol' days at andys house!! awwww I MISS CHILLIN WITH THEM!!! janey we gotta chill with them yea so..we were like freaking out and gettin all into it and hardcore into mario party! damn its a competivitve game!! haha we wer liek screamin at the tv everytime we lost..LUIGI CHEATS! NEVER PICK HIM AS THE COMPUTER PERSON!! NOOO!!..hahah favorite game..THE FIRE JUMP ROPE!! YAAAYYY!! HAHAHit was soo funny..eric was like laughin at us..haha silly kid..yea so sat...soo much shit to skatin...springfield mall..takin pics..damn its gonna be fun!!..holla if ya wanna come!! aite im out gotta do shitty homewor..and im soo tired!! im out pc xoxo
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