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SUPRISE!!!! update from bonnie!! SUPRISE SUPRISE!!! yea many years has it been..that alrite..but anyways...i've been reading everyones LJ yea..right now im really bored..gotta do some history shit..dont really mom wanted to see my interim today cuz i didnt show her when it came out...and i wasnt palnning on showing her..but no..stupid gay ass school HAD to send that stupid letter in sayin about how your child has gotten their interim! ugh! she like freaked out..but thank god my dad isnt here..hes on a business its all good..cuz hes harder on grades than my sucha dumass! im A STUPID DUMASS!!! so yea.. i gotta go to another homecoming this weekend..gettin my nails done friday..dunno if their football game is still on..prob not..stupi mother fuckin sniper! GET A FUCKIN LIFE!...godamn..ruining everything! stupi shit head! burn in hell! haha oh and if anyone of you were wonderin..its Langleys homecoming..stupid richass school!

HMMMM what should bonnie wear tomorrow?!?! suggestions?!?! haha

</font>*R.I.P Chris Haden*</font> were sucha cool will be missed dearly and forever..*DAMN! HE WAS HOTT*
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